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About TBC...


White Walls was founded in October 2015 by elizabeth Gaus Or, the lady who thinks about tattoos day and night, every day of the year and is located in Hong Kong the multicultural city. in 2019, the shop relocated to a new location closer to Prince Edward and for honoring the amazing time that Bedford Road had given us, White Walls had officially changed their name to "The Breakfast Club Tattoo & Art" (Breakfast rhymes with Bedford and we use "bit faat" as our Chinese name.)


At TBC, we believe in Art, and Art is for everybody. You are the one who empowers the meaning of the tattoo. You are the one who allows your imagination to be captured within this art form.


At TBC, you will feel you've never been so free to express your love for art. 



"Art is different for every individual, and is definable only by the viewer."


---from the Keith Haring Journals





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